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Are clothes owned by The Rewear Company?

Clothes are owned by parents, brands or retailers and we manage and rent these out on their behalf.

How does your sizing work?

We recommend to take a look at our size chart that can be found under each product description. All additional, good to know and sizing information from product labels is written in the product description. Kindly note that brands may use slightly different sizing and measurements. If you aren’t sure which size to choose or you have any other questions, please contact our customer service. We’ll gladly assist you!

What is The Rewear Company?

TRC is a managed marketplace for baby- and kidswear. Firstly, we enable lenders (parents, brands and retailers) to rent out their clothes and earn a passive income. Secondly, we enable renters to lend clothes for their kids on a monthly subscription basis, save money and return items once outgrown. TRC helps to make room in your closet, increase the lifespan of clothes and recycle all end of life clothes.

What does a managed marketplace mean?

Managed marketplace means that we manage the whole process on behalf of our lenders - we manage the inventory, do photography and pricing, list the items and take care of the logistics, cleaning and repair services.

What is the size range?

At the moment our kidswear size range is from 50 to 152cm (from 0 months to 12 years old).

In what condition are the clothes?

We offer new and pre-loved clothes. Each garment has its own condition rating that you can find in the product description. Most of the clothes are pre-loved, meaning that there might be some slight signs of wear, they might be repaired a bit but they are still in good-to-wear condition, and we can assure you that because we want you to have the best rental experience!

How is the pricing done?

All clothes are priced individually. Depending on the condition, monthly rental price of a garment can be from 5-20% from the estimated retail price. Click here for more information. 


Do I need to register online before making an order?


How much does subscription cost?

The amount of your monthly subscription is entirely up to you. It consists of a monthly rental fee of your chosen items and our service fee of 4,90€ / month.

What is included in monthly service fee?

The monthly service fee includes FREE deliveries in both directions, clothing insurance and professional laundering for returns.

Is monthly service fee fixed?

Yes, monthly service fee is fixed, no matter how big or small your subscription is.

How much can I save when renting instead of buying new?

The more items you rent the more money you save. If Mari rents clothes for 49 € (RRP 327 €) for 1 month, she spends 83% less and saves 292 €. If she rents these items for 3 months, she spends 50% less and saves 146 €! The sample calculation considers items in a very good condition (15% of RRP) and our fixed service fee 4,90 €/mo.

What If I want to rent clothes only for a few days?

Yes, you can use clothes for a shorter period of time and return but you still will be charged 1 month rental.

When I will be charged for my subscription?

You will be charged on the day you subscribe and this will also be your monthly billing day.

When will my order arrive?

We ship the clothes within 2 business days after you subscribe.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Of course, you can do it any time under your account. If you want to cancel or pause your subscription starting next month, please update your subscription at least 5 business days before the next billing date. Your payments will stop if you return the clothes to us by the end of the billing period. Please also note that you can resume a paused subscription but you can not resume a cancelled subscription (unless you ask us to do so).

When can I swap?

As soon as you wish or your child has outgrown the clothes. We will make the exchange of clothes as easy as possible. Just remeber that you rent clothes on a monthly basis and any changes you make to your subscription will be reflected starting from the next month.

How do I swap clothes?

You will be asked to update your subscription at least 5 business days prior to your next billing date. Firstly, open our catalogue in a separate window and choose the products you want to rent before updating your subscription. Then check out our Manage subscription guideline.

Log in to your account, open your active subscription and click on 'Swap product' next to the product. Swapping enables you to return a selected item and rent something else instead quick and without any multiple actions. You will get a confirmation e-mail right after.

If you don't want to use 'Swap product' action then you can also remove items by clicking on the rubbish bin icon but you won't get an instant confirmation e-mail. Then to add a new product, click on 'Search a product to add', then look for the item by using copy/paste the correct product name or SKU code and click 'add'. Please note that 'Search a product to add' function works properly only on a desctop.

After updating your subscription, we will ship you the new items within 2 business days. We suggest trying these on to make sure they fit. In case something doesn't fit then you can return these along with your other returnable items and pop everything in the same bag the new ones arrived. By shipping the items back to us before the start of next billing period you will be billed only for the clothes that you decided to keep and that fit your child. Read more about how to manage subcsription from here. 

Do I need to return all the clothes when I want to swap?

No, you can keep using the clothes you like and return only those you don't wish to use any more.

Do I need to order the same amount of items every time I swap?

No. You can add or remove as many clothes as you like. Your monthly subscription depends on the items you have selected. The only thing that is fixed is monthly service fee.

Do I need to return all parts from the clothing sets?

Yes, clothes in sets are meant to be used together and you need to return all parts of the set. In case some parts of the set will not be returned, you will be charged monthly rental price for the whole set.

Do I need to return damaged clothes?

Yes, you need to return all clothes, no matter the condition. If they are damaged then we will try to fix them.

What happens if I don't return clothes before my next billing date?

If you don't return clothes on time, you will be automatically charged a monthly rental fee for those items.

Can I withdraw from the subscription?

Yes, this is your right to withdraw from the subscription without disclosing the reason within 14 days after receiving your first order.

Can I get a refund?

If you withdraw from your subscription before your first shipment has been dispatched, you can get a full refund within 14 days. If you wish to withdraw from your subscription and get a refund after the clothes have been dispatched, then you need to fill out the withdrawal form and return the clothes at your expense. Returned items must be unused, clean and intact. If the clothing items have been used for any other purposes or show signs of use, we reserve the right to charge one month’s rental fee for those items.

What does my insurance cover?

Insurance covers accidental damage, such as stains, lost buttons, broken zippers or press studs, ripped seams, or holes that are reasonably repairable. For the natural wear and tear you are not liable as it is a natural process associated with the normal use of clothes.

What is normal wear & tear?

Normal wear and tear includes, for example, pilling, seams coming undone, and buttons falling off (but not becoming lost) during use and washing, as well as signs of light wear and tear on the fabric due to wearing or washing.

What happens if an item gets accidentally stained or damaged? Will I be charged?

Don't worry. You won't be charged. We know that life with kids can be messy and accidents happen. That is why we created a garment insurance that will protect you form such worrifying thoughts and give you a peace of mind.

What if an item gets damaged and requires more complex maintenance? Will I be charged?

If the item is damaged but repairable, then we reserve the right to charge you for the costs associated with the repairing of the item. If the item is damaged beyond repair then you are responsible for compensating the costs associated with replacement of the item. The costs will be determined by our own discretion but these will not exceed the market price corresponding to the condition of the item at the time you started to rent it. If anything happens, we encourage to get in touch with us so that we can find the best solution.

What if I lose an item or it gets stolen?

You're liable for the destruction of, loss of, theft of the clothing item while the item is in your possession. If any of the forementioned happened, you are responsible for compensating the costs associated with replacing the item. The costs will be determined by our own discretion but these will not exceed the market price corresponding to the condition of the item at the time you started to rent it. If anything happens, we encourage to get in touch we us so that we can find the best solution.


What clothes do you accept?

We accept all baby and kidswear, including accessories. We do not accept footwear, socks and underwear.

What sizes do you accept?

We currently accept sizes from 44 to 152cm. That is from newborn up to 12 years old.

In what condition clothes do you accept?

We accept clothes in all conditions.

Do I need to wash the clothes before I ship to you?

Not necessarily but if you wash, it will make our operations a lot quicker. Just make sure your items are not wet or moist when packing. And, so you know how our process works - we'll firstly list all the items that are clean and ready for photography to keep our operations in an productive speed. Then we start to work with all other items that require further analysis (dirty) - we assign TBC condition for those items in the beginning. All the clothes will undergo our cleaning process anyway before shipped out to our customers.

How do I ship the clothes to you?

We will organise a drop box or door-to-door delivery for you. You can indicate what you prefer when filling out the delivery note. Your parcel can be up to 30kg heavy and door-to-door courier can take up to two parcels from you.

Do I need to fill in the delivery note every time I want to ship you more goods as a lender?

Yes please.

What can I use for shipping the clothes?

We encourage reusing all sorts of materials, so be creative. It can be an old cardboard box, plastic bag or packing wedge etc. Just make sure you pack safely and seal it properly and you are good to go.

Who determines the rental price and how?

Rental price is determined at our discretion. It is typically around 15% of the retail price per month but final price will depen on the condition of clothes and the assessment of our experts. More details can be found by clicking here

Do you take a service fee?

Our service is free of charge until you start earning. We handle all operations on your behalf (including transport) to list your clothes on our marketplace and then deduct 9.90€ from your forthcoming rental revenue. This fee serves as a security measure, ensuring that our efforts remain covered. If you don't earn, this charge won't apply. Neither, we won't charge you this fee if you signed up for the first time before 17/11/2023.

What is your commission rate?

We will charge 50% commission fee on your rental revenue and pay 22% VAT from our income.

How much can I actually earn?

Listing more quality and very good condition goods on our platform increases your chances of earning more. Today's statistics show that lenders who have 100+ products in their collection, earn better. For example, one of our lender Kristel has 200+ products (mostly from premium brands) in her collection, and earned 335 € rental income in 2023. She got also 3 virtual share as a gift from us.

When is the payout?

At the moment, the payments are made once a quarter or quicker if you request that and your revenue is minimum of 10 euros. Your revenue is hold and managed by Stripe, our payment gateway. Payment for the 1st quarter will be made by the 15th of April, for 2nd quarter by the 15th of July, for 3rd quarter by the 15th of October and for 4th quarter by the 15th of January.

Can I donate my rental income?

Yes, you can choose to donate your rental revenue to your chosen charity or to The Rewear Company to further develope our sustainable service. 

Do I get an overview of what is happening to my clothes?

Yes, you will get a file from us that includes all the accurate information about your products, their condition and your earnings. You will also see your rentable and rented out items on your collection page and under your account. Please note that Lender's accounts are under development. Currently, items that are returned, in stock but are undergoing maintenance or processing are also displayed as 'rented out'.

What happens to the clothes that cannot be used anymore?

Our business is built on a zero-waste principle, meaning that all materials will be given a new life but in another form. End of life clothes will be responsibly recycled or upcycled into new products or materials through the network of our partners. 

What if I want my clothes back?

You can return all or some of your clothes, however returns are subject to a fee of € 9,90. Click here and read our Return Policy.

What does it mean to be a virtual co-owner?

All our stakeholders such as lenders, renters and helpers who contribute to The Rewear Company's growth receive virtual shares. Virtual shares replicate real ownership in our company. Meaning, if we reach our goals and do a successful exit, then we make the payouts to all of you who have contributed to our success. Read further.

What do I need to know about tax declaration?

For that we have created an informative page and continue to update that.


Do I need to register online before making an order?


Do I need to pay extra for the delivery?

No, we will ship the products free of charge using DPD drop box service.

Can I choose my preferred drop box location?

Yes, you can make your selection after submitting your order or email us. In the absence of a specified selection, we will automatically ship the order to the DPD drop box location nearest to the address provided in your order.

When will my order arrive?

We ship the clothes within 2 business days after your payment arrives.

Can I cancel my order to get a full refund?

Yes, but please bear in mind that you'll get a full refund if you cancel your order before we have shipped the product(s). If you do that later (within 14 days after submitting your order), then you'll need to pay the costs related to the returning of the clothing items. Please read the T&C.


Is renting clothes safe and hygienic?

Absolutely. All clothes are carefully inspected and professionally cleaned before shipped to you.

What products do you use for cleaning clothes?

We use Mulieres natural laundry wash gel and natural scented vinegar, which is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Mulieres products are natural, effective, environmentally friendly and perfect for your little one's sensitive skin.

Do I need to wash clothes before I use them?

No, unless you wish to do so. Clothes are safe, cleaned and ready to be enjoyed.

How do I take care of the clothes?

We recommend generally washing clothes at 30º (more dirty clothers at 40º) and line drying in daylight. Check the care labels and follow our easy Care Guide.

How do I remove a stain?

Cold-rinse the stain as soon as possible to loosen them and avoid setting them permanently. We suggest pre-treating the stain with Mulieres natural laundry wash or Mulieres natural scented vinegar, if needed gently scrub the stain off with tooth brush and then rinse. Repeat, if needed.

Can I use other cleaning products than Mulieres?

Yes, you're allowed to use whatever suits your needs best, however we recommend using Mulieres natural products. :)

Can I use a tumble dryer?

We strongly recommend avoiding tumble dryer as it can significantly damage the clothes, cause shrinkage and wear the fabric down. Each laundry load imparts microscopic damage on fabric, and lint is produced from the resulting micro-tears in the fabric’s fibres. If you must use the tumble dryer, please check the care lable and make sure that tumble drying is allowed.

How do I dry wool or wool-blend clothes?

Place them on clean towel, reshape to original size and let it dry flat. Line drying or drying on hangers can cause wool garments to stretch due to the weight of the moisture contained by the garment, with the result of garment growing in length and losing its shape. Under no circumstances use tumble dryer for wool or wool-blend clothes, as it causes significant shrinkage and damage to the fabric.

What if seams come undone?

If you want to continue using the garment, you can sew the seams that have come undone, in order to prevent the hole from getting bigger. Or we will fix it ourselves after you have shipped it back to us. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

Can I stitch smaller holes?

Yes, you can stitch smaller holes in order to prevent the hole from getting bigger but if you don't want to use that particular garment any more, we can do it for you.

Can I perform more complex maitanance or repairs?

No. We ask you just to inform us about what happened. Carrying out any more complex maintenance or repairs which could alter the appearance or the design of the clothing items in any way is not allowed.

Can I remove labels from the clothes?

Please don't. They contain very important information for us and for the users.

Can I label the clothes for the nursery?

Of course but please use labelling that can be easily removed without damaging the garment. For example, laundry-proof stickers and sew-in nametape.

Should I wash clothes before I return them?

There is no need as all returned clothes will be professionally cleaned anyway. Just make sure they are not wet or moist when you ship them.


What does a fully circular service mean?

Fully circular means that we rent clothes out as many times as possible, repair if needed and up-cycle or recycle end of life clothes in-cooperation with our recycling partners into new products and materials, creating zero waste. This means that no clothes will end up in landfills or incinerators.

How is renting more sustainable than buying?

Kids grow so fast that clothes get outgrown in a matter of 2-3 months, if not less, making buying and owning stuff hugely wasteful. Renting reduces the environmental impact of clothes by 80% because it allows clothes to re-enter the economy multiple times & maximises items value. For example, if a garment is worn by 5 kids instead of 1, means that the production of 4 new garments was prevented & 4 times the amount of CO2, energy & water was saved. By recycling unusable clothes responsibly into new products or materials also means 100% less garments end up in landfills & incinerators. Our rental business is built on 5 process goals such as reduce, rewear, repair, remake and recycle to extend the lifespan of clothing and reduce the environmental impact.

How responsible company is the The Rewear Company?

We're very conscious about the impact our operations have on the environment, animals and people. That's why we're doing the best we can to save resources, run an ethical, safe and transparent business, and minimise carbon footprint. For example, we minimize waste in all our departments, use eco-friendly marketing solutions, carbon neutral shipping and wet cleaning methods instead of dry cleaning. As well as, use natural cleaners from Mulieres. We're also building our carbon managment programme that is the basis for identifying, measuring, analysing and improving in order to reach net zero.

What do you do with clothes that can not be used anymore?

End of life clothes are upcycled or recycled in-cooperation with our recycling partners into new products or materials. Nothing is discarded, our service is built on zero-waste business model.