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Kids grow so fast that clothes get outgrown in a matter of 2-3 months, if not less, making buying & owning clothes financially wasteful & ecologically burdensome. Luckily, renting is becoming a big trend as it's considered one of the best ways to consume responsibly.

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Saves money

Renting clothes is cheaper than buying & costs around 15% of the retail price per month.

Saves nature

Renting clothes saves resources by reducing the demand for the production of new clothes.

Saves space

Renting clothes will prevent them from piling up in your warderobe and taking up space.



No more storing, sorting and selling. Ship us all your child's outgrown clothes and we will do all the rest. Click below to find out more.

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Great solution

"I was very satisfied with the service, selection and also felt positive about the reusable packaging made of textile waste! Will definitely lend out my own kids stuff too!" Helen

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"I was really pleasantly surprised when I received the clothes. Everything was packed so neatly, the clothes were clean and ironed, had a subtle yet pleasant natural smell." Mari

Super service

"Solution parents have been waiting for! I love that I can send my kids’ clothes there to earn money and I can also rent new clothes. It makes my life so much easier!" Maarja-Liis