Why rent?


A broken system

The current linear take-make-dispose economic model is broken and highly unsustainable, particularly so when it comes to producing and consuming goods that are needed only for a short period of time - i.e children’s clothes and goods, a €630 billion market.

Financially wasteful

Have you ever wondered that when buying new clothes, you pay the full price but get to use only a fraction of their potential lifespan? Kids grow so fast that clothes get outgrown in a matter of 2-3 months, if not less, making buying and owning stuff financially wasteful.

Environmentally harmful

The €1.6 trillion global textile industry is producing more carbon emissions than aviation & shipping combined. Each year €245 billion worth of new kidswear is bought, only to be worn few months and then discarded. All of that is hugely wasteful and comes with an enormous environmental toll. 

Once outgrown, then what?

The current linear economic model does not consider what will happen to the clothes after they are not being used any more. Parents are left with the options of storing, listing, photographing, selling, shipping, donating, handing down, repurposing, recycling, discarding etc. It’s so inconvenient and time consuming, especially for time-poor parents, that often clothes end up just stored away - along with their monetary value.



Renting is considered sustainable as it allows clothes to re-enter the economy multiple times & maximises their value. Renting allows to affordably, regularly & without feeling of shame to refresh a wardrobe. Renting makes luxury clothes accessible for a wider range of customers at a fraction of the original cost. 

Saves money

Renting apparel is cheaper than buying and costs around 20% of the retail price per month.

Saves nature

Renting clothes helps to save resources by reducing demand for the production of new clothes.

Saves space

Make room in your closet by keeping apparel in the circulation and help to maintain items value.

How much you can save?

Save up to 83%

If you rent a Burberry dress (in a good condition) for 31,50 € for 1 month, you'd spend 83% less & save 173,60 €. If you rent the item for 3 months, you'd spend 48% less & save 100,80 € (RRP 210 €)!

Save up to 73%

If you rent a Wooly Organic baby set (in a good condition) for 6 € for 1 month, you'd spend 73% less & save 29,10 €! If you rent the same set for 3 months, you'd spend 18% less & save 7,30 € (RRP 40 €)!

Savings increase

Our service fee 4.90€/mo doesn't increase but your savings can. If you rent clothes (in a good condition) for 100€/mo for 3 months, you'd spend 53% less & save 351,99 € (RRP of the clothes 666,70 €)!