Stakeholders initiative

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Greatness is never built alone so, we've decided to reward all of you who contribute to The Rewear Company's success.

Partnering with to motivate & reward our community, and boost growth by making our users virtual shareholders.

As part of our commitment to putting our users first and building strong relationships with our community, we have decided to make our stakeholders our virtual shareholders. We believe that fostering a culture of collaboration & engaging with our stakeholders enables us to create a more sustainable & inclusive business model that benefits everyone. As well as we want to give back to all of the contributors who help our business grow, meaning when we meet our business goals, then all contributors get a share of the success they helped to create.

How does it work?

All our stakeholders such as lenders, renters and helpers who contribute to The Rewear Company's growth receive virtual shares.

Virtual shares replicate real ownership in our company, allowing virtual shareholders to participate in the company’s financial success.

You support us & we reward you

In co-operation with we're able to give away up to 50 000 virtual shares of The Rewear Company. Our virtual shareholders’ pool represents 1% of the total pool of stakeholders (shareholders plus virtual shareholders) on the launch date of 11.05.2023.

We're giving virtual shares for all sorts of things: if you become a renter or lender, bring a new user, share a good word, write a testimonial, continue shipping us more goods, for every 100€ spent, consistently renting 10 or more items per order, help us for free, etc.

What our users stand to gain?


More great goods mean more rental revenue. For example, Lender Kristel has 112 products in her collection & she earned 143 € in Q1 2023. She also got 1 virtual share (1 for each 100 € earned) as a gift from us.


Renting can save you money. For example, Mari rented a Burberry dress for 31,50 € for 1 month, spent 83% less & saved 173,60 € (retail price 210 €)! She also got 2 virtual shares (1 for the 1st order & referral) as a gift from us.

Make a difference

A cleaner environment & circular economy is the key to a sustainable future, but we can accomplish that only by working together. Your partnership would give a push on transforming parents' consumption habits, and reducing the demand for new products can lead to less waste & fewer resources used.

Earn virtual shares

More help means more virtual shares. Become a RENTER or LENDER & endorse our services.

Help to boost growth

We're building a community-led business - your FEEDBACK & REFERRALS are highly valued.

Share a good word

Improving is crucial to our platform's success. Your TESTIMONIAL can help us reach new users & grow.

If we win, you win

If we reach our goals & do a successful exit, then makes the payouts to all of you who have contributed to our success.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support & look forward to this exciting journey together!