About us


Circular & managed monthly rental service for new & preloved kidswear

LEND, reduce waste & earn commissions
from parents or retailers & save

Simple. Circular. Beneficial.


Our service is designed to be as effortless as possible to save you some time. That's what more than thousand parents we listened value the most.


Our service ensures clothes are used to the fullest and then responsibly up- or recycled through our network of partners, aiming for zero waste.


Our service is win-win for all, allowing you to earn from your child's wardrobe or save money by renting instead of buying new clothes.


Present & the future

We are currently piloting our business model with a baby- and kidswear (up to 12 years) rental service in Estonia and then will be expanding our products range and entering new markets.

Our vision is to become the leading one-stop children's products rental & resale marketplace for parents, brands & retailers across Europe.

Simply listed. Simply rented.

We're on a mission to make renting and lending kidswear a preferred choice among parents.

We're simplifying the whole lending process and take care of everything: logistics, inventory management, listing, cleaning and repairing services. Goods are used to the fullest and at the end of their lifecycle upcycled or recycled into new products or materials.


Our Commitment

We're conscious about the impact our operations have on the environment and do everything to save resources, reduce waste and decrease the ecological footprint of our business. We're also proudly dedicated to advancing the UNSDGs.