Our monthly rental service fee covers shipping. There is no shipping & service fee for buyers. All products arrive in circular packaging, so you can return them using the same. We're partnering with DPD's for carbon neutral deliveries. 



4,90 € / PER MONTH

Our all-inclusive service fee includes the shipping, clothing insurance, professional cleaning & maintenance for the returns.

The fee covers the shipping & return up to once a month in each direction with DPD carbon neutral delivery.


UP TO 9.90 € / ONCE

Generally, we use DPD's carbon neutral drop box or Sendpack door-to-door delivery. We'll organise the shipping free of charge.

Our service fee of 9.90€ will be deducted from your rental revenue only once you start earning.


0,00 €

We use DPD's carbon neutral drop box delivery as a default shipping method, and organise the shipping free of charge.

We'll post the item within 2 business days after receiving your order. Read more information below:


Shipping Policy


Shipping of clothing items is complimentary in the beginning. Once earnings commence, we'll deduct our one-time service fee of 9.90€ from the lender's rental proceeds. The Rewear Company will arrange the shipping of the clothing items by using one of the following delivery method:

1. Sendpack or DPD courier doing door-to-door collections (maximum weight per parcel is 30 kg);

2. DPD drop box (maximum weight per parcel is 31,5 kg. Maximum size is 36 x 43 x 61 cm);

Within 5 business days after receiving the delivery note, The Rewear Company will send the instructions for packing the clothing items to the lender’s e-mail address along with a shipping card or code for a free delivery. 

If the lender wishes to have the items returned to them, they will have to pay a return fee of 9.90 € per consignment for preparation and shipping. This return fee will be deducted from any rental proceeds; if there are no rental proceeds, the return fee must be paid separately.

The preparation of the return of the clothing items owned by the lender may take up to 5 business days depending on the number of items and provided that they are in The Rewear Company warehouse and not currently rented out. If some of the items are currently rented out, they will be returned as soon as they are redelivered to The Rewear Company warehouse by the renter. The Rewear Company will inform the lender when the clothing items have been dispatched. 


The monthly service fee is 4.90 € and it includes the delivery and return of the clothing items, clothing insurance (see also T&C clause 13.6), and cleaning and maintenance for the returns. This fee covers the shipping and return of the clothing items up to once a month in each direction. 

The Rewear Company will arrange the shipping of the clothing items by using one of the following delivery method:

1. DPD parcel machine (maximum weight per parcel is 31,5 kg. Maximum size is 36x 43x 61cm);

2. DPD courier (maximum weight of one parcel is up to 31.5 kg. Sum of the longest side and bottom girth of the parcel is up to 3.0 m and the longest side of the parcel is up to 1.75m).

The Rewear Company then ships the clothing items to the renter using the agreed upon method within 2 business days after starting the subscription. 

The clothing items ordered by the renter are packed by The Rewear Company in a securely sealed bag or box, which we advise the renter to keep so that it can be reused for returning the items. 

The renter may return clothing items in several batches, but in such a case, the renter will bear the costs of any returns not covered by the monthly shipping and service fee.

All returned clothing items (both those that have been worn and those deemed unsuitable) must be packed in the same reusable packaging in which the new items were delivered or in the bag provided for returns, to which the included shipping card must then be affixed, and returned to The Rewear Company by the last day of the period. 

If using a parcel machine for shipping, the parcel must be delivered to the machine at the latest on the day immediately preceding the end of the period.

If using a courier service, The Rewear Company will arrange for the pick-up of the clothing items at the time agreed upon with the renter or by the last day of the rental period.

If the renter fails to return the clothing items to The Rewear Company by the last day of the period or fails to inform the marketplace in writing by e-mail at by the last day of the period that the items may be delayed for a few days, then The Rewear Company will also charge the rental fee for the unreturned items for the next period.


The shipping and service fee is 0 €. The Rewear Company uses DPD's carbon-neutral drop box service as a default shipping method.

Upon placing an order, the buyer is afforded the option to select their preferred drop box location. In the absence of a specified selection, the marketplace will automatically ship the order to the drop box location nearest to the address provided in the order.

The Rewear Company then ships the ordered clothing items to the buyer within 2 business days after the payment was received.