How to Manage Subscription?

Start a subscription

Create a User Account and go to the checkout to make your 1st recurring order. The MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION button can be found: (1) on the order confirmation page at checkout, (2) from your new order confirmation e-mail (this magic link works only 7 days) and (3) under your User Account.

Manage subscription

Click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION and then CLICK TO OPEN button to view and update your active order. From there you're able to swap a product, remove a product, add a new product, change your shipping address, apply a discount code, view previous and upcoming orders, update payment data, add an order note & pause or cancel your subscription.

Swap product

First, explore our website's Product Catalogue. Copy the SKU code or name of the product that you wish to rent. Then, open your active subscription and click on SWAP (replace) next to the item that you plan to return. Then ADD PRODUCT search field opens up - paste the SKU or product's name there. SWAP function allows you to quickly do multiple actions with one click, and you will get a confirmation e-mail too. You can also view the new product(s) and your next order date in the NEXT ORDER section.

Remove product

Click on the rubbish bin icon on the right side of the product you want to remove/return. Please also note that the rubbish bin icon is only available if you're subscribing to more than one product. After removing an item, you will not receive an automated confirmation to your e-mail, but we will send you a summary of the products removed within the next working day to minimise the amount of emails.

Add a product

First, explore our website's Product Catalogue and copy the SKU or name of the product that you wish to rent. Then, open your active subscription and locate the ADD PRODUCT search field. Paste the SKU or product's name there. If the addition is successful, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail. You'll be able to view the new product(s) and your next order date in the NEXT ORDER section.

Pause & Cancel subscription

For pausing, click on the button PAUSE SUBSCRIPTION. For cancelling, click on the button CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. Please note that you are able to resume a paused subscription but can not activate a cancelled subscription. If you cancel your subscription by mistake then please let us know and we can activate it for you. You'll get a confirmation e-mail right after.

Apply discount code

Find the section ADD DISCOUNT CODE. You can add and remove your discount code from there by clicking on the APPLY button.

Next order & Payments details

Find the section NEXT ORDER and PAST ORDERS in the upper line of your subscription portal. Open it and you'll be able to see more info. 

In the next section PAYMENT DETAILS, you're able to update your credit card information by clicking on EDIT. Read our Privacy Policy to know what we're doing to protect your data. You'll get a confirmation email after changing your payment details. 

Write your note if any comments

Open your active subscription and look for the section called YOUR NOTE. You can write, change and remove your order note by clicking on the UPDATE link. Please bear in mind that we won't be notified. On urgent matters please contact our customer service.

Change shipping address

Find the section PRODUCT SHIPPING INFO and then click on EDIT to change your shipping address. You'll get a confirmation e-mail after changing your shipping address.

Returning clothes

Please log in into your user account and make the corresponding changes related with returns under your MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION portal. We'll then contact you shortly.

In case you want to return all items and cancel your subscription, we'd require you to fill out the withdrawal form. See also the Return Policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or you need our help with managing your subscription. We're here to help you!

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