Thoughtfully packed with Low imPACK

Renting preloved clothes can be as enjoyable as buying brand new products because we want you to enjoy every second of unboxing your first subscription order. And, as much as we want you to feel excited, we also want you to be proud of your consumption choices. This is why we're doing everything to deliver your goods in a perfectly safe and reusable packaging that can be used up to 20 cycles (40 shipments). Meet Low imPACK, an innovative reusable e-packaging made of recycled textile waste, a perfect alternative to a regular cardboard box, whose carbon footprint is 72% smaller. 

Together we're able to reduce the waste of packaging. For example, by using 5000 Low imPACK boxes, we would save 42 tons of packaging waste, which is equivalent to the production of 95000 cardboard boxes. "I've been looking for eco-friendlier e-commerce packaging options for years now because the packaging industry has a huge impact on the environment. In fact, it generates 1/3 of the world's trash! So, after discovering that there is a reusable packaging company that's also tackling the same problems as we do, reducing the clothes' impact on the planet, just seemed too good to be true. It's also one of our sustainability goals to build partnerships to minimise waste and Low imPACK can help us do just that.", explained Ines Karu-Salo, the co-founder of The Rewear Company.


Together towards pure nature. Please keep the box and return your items to us using the same box so, we could reuse it again to maximise the lifespan of that box. Once the packaging is not suitable for shipping, we will return it to Low imPACK, who recycles the leftovers in cooperation with their recycling partners into new materials. Let's pack with a positive impact!