Supermum Helen Randmets sharing baby clothes renting experience

Meet our hero of the day - Helen Randmets! She's an extraordinary Estonian woman and a role model to many mums. She's a talented singer, devoted mother of FOUR and a big fan of The Rewear Company

For the past 9 months, Helen has been decreasing her ecological footprint on the environment while trying different brands, saving costs and making her life simpler. How, you ask? By renting baby clothes for her adorable Freya Elenor from our platform! 

Since December, when Helen became a renter, she has saved a lot by renting instead of buying new clothes. The total rental fee of her selected garments is about 300 €, but the estimated retail price for these items is more than 2000 €! And, later in May we also launched her daughter's Freya Elenor's preloved garments collection

"My life circles around kids but I also have time for them. Boys are also helping me and I really enjoy spending time with my little Freya!", said Helen in the interview.

Watch our very first exclusive video podcast to find out more about Helen's life as a thoughtful mother, how she's embracing the challenges and joys of parenthood, and what she really loves about our rental service. Interviewed by our own co-founder & co-CEO Ines Karu-Salo

Thank you, Helen, for all your support, opening up and sharing your rental journey with us! We're happy and very proud that you're now our platform's virtual shareholder!