Embracing circular packaging with Pakoo

Here's a new exciting partnership announcement that marks another milestone in our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We've started to collaborate with the 2nd reusable packaging company to revolutionise the way products are packaged, save resources, and drive the shift towards a more circular economy!

It is very important to us to offer a renting experience that is as enjoyable as buying brand-new products, and so you could feel proud of your consumption choices. This is why we've replaced single-use carton boxes with circular packaging! Meet Pakoo, an innovative reusable packaging made of FSC-certified cellulose that emits 6990 less g/CO2 if one Pakoo bag is used for 60 shipments. That's approximately how much the production of 25 craft boxes (or even more) emit! FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council GmbH) is an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world's forests and uses a market-based approach to transnational environmental policy. 

"Pakoo is happy to help making The Rewear Company's packaging as sustainable as possible. Only together, we are able to initiate a packaging revolution, reduce waste and build a cleaner environment," commented Karl Erik Vanem, the co-founder of Pakoo.  


Please return your items to us using the same bag so, we could reuse it again to maximise the lifespan of that packaging. Once the bag is not suitable for shipping, we will return it to Pakoo, who will responsibly recycle the leftovers. Your choice matters - let's pack with a positive impact!